How we work

Our distinctive process for fundraising and M&A is based on a holistic view of our client’s business and wider competitive context, and is tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

This hands-on approach includes a thorough preparation in order to identify the key value drivers for our client’s business. We identify relevant KPIs and carry out detailed analysis to develop growth, retention and profitability enhancement initiatives aimed at improving both the perceived and the real value of the company.

We assist in articulating a compelling equity story, driven by the entrepreneur’s unique vision and a robust product & service differentiation, underpinned by an attractive business plan and ambitious product roadmap.

We design and manage a competitive process by leveraging our wide-ranging network of key relationships with institutional, corporate and private investors, including family offices and high net worth individuals, with the aim of securing the most favourable transaction terms for our clients.

Our specialised advisory services support our clients in all aspects of a transaction, from the initial contacts with potential investors and/or buyers, through to the term-sheet and contract negotiation, due-diligence and closing & execution stages. We provide focused insights to help optimise decision making and to identify and secure the most successful outcome.