A must read for leaders in b2b SW, both in scale-ups as well as early-stage startups.
Companies that lead in B2B sales follow a three-pronged strategy to drive above-market growth. B2B sales are on the verge of a revolution, with a number of trends completely redefining what it will take to be a market leader over the next five years. Advanced analytics and machine learning have given sales executives access to historically unprecedented amounts of data and computing power (…)
Plan carefully your next proof points and stay focused on those KPIs.
Last week, we kicked off a blog series to help founders determine their company’s core priorities and strategies at each stage of the progression from seed to Series A and Series B. In the previous post, we outlined what startups should focus on right after raising a seed round. The next stage in the journey is the A round, and as expected, it brings a brand new set of priorities. (…)
Interesting to read to help you distinguish the hype from the real deal.
Much like the words “blockchain”, “AI” and “cloud”, “smart contract” is one of those phrases that get a lot of hype. After all, what can be better than being able to trust what will happen instead of using the judicial system? The promises of smart contracts include: Enforcing contracts automatically, trustlessly and impartially Taking out the middle men in contract construction, contract execution and contract enforcement (…)